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Agile Lietuva Meetup Vilnius and Kaunas
Agile Lietuva

We invite you to first meetups of the season by Agile Lietuva community. Our friends from Datadog arranged you to different themes in Vilnius and Kaunas.

Pick your favorite theme or come to both meetups.

See you there!

Vilnius Meetup:

Registration: http://meetu.ps/e/FR5JT/CDnkJ/f 

SPEAKER: Tomas L., Datadog

TOPIC: Product development with dozens of billions worth retail corporation as a co-pilot: anti-secrets that led our team to building an award-winning AI-based logistics and transportation solution

SUMMARY: 3 uncensored strategies that let our small development team establish, build and nourish the relationship with one of the biggest retailers on the planet.

ABOUT SPEAKER: Working as a product manager and business consultant Tomas pushes the boundaries of distributed teams management, high-performance leadership and organisation development. Leading brilliant teams of senior software engineers, data scientists, PhD-level optimisation experts and business analysts all around Europe has created an environment for him to move the needle for powerful clients and together build extraordinary products that win in the global market. During a decade in the business, Tomas has worked with companies like Nike, Danske Bank, Avon, Nestle and many others. Mainly helping clients to solve hard problems in leadership, business and product development areas.


Kaunas Meetup:

Registracija: http://meetu.ps/e/FR5SQ/CDnkJ/f

SPEAKER: Inga N., Datadog

TOPIC: Common pitfalls when introducing new ways of working and how to deal with them

SUMMARY: Working with development teams using Scrum methodology Inga has noticed that there are common pitfalls which could be avoided when transitioning to a new ways of working. Let’s discuss our findings together!

ABOUT SPEAKER: Inga's journey with agile started 7 years ago, when she was a student and began to read articles about software development. Soon she became aware of various articles that people are writing about agile, scrum, kanban, XP and various other methods used to deliver software that she was not being taught at university while studying IT. Once she started her first job where the team used Scrum, she experienced that theory and practice differs. During those 7 years, she has noticed that there are common pitfalls along the road that can be avoided when transitioning to a new way of working.

Snacks and drinks on us!