Dalinamės patirtimi ir tobuliname Agile projektų valdymo metodų naudojimą savo organizacijose
Agile Day Kaunas 2020
Agile Lietuva

Agile Day Kaunas 2020 is a unique interactive conference where experienced Agile practitioners gather from all around Lithuania and elsewhere to discuss the best project management practices and approaches in alignment with Agile.

In this event, we say NO to ‘I talk you listen to’ sessions and encourage any sessions that require interaction between participants.

Expect workshops, coaching clinics, lean coffee, the marketplace, fishbowl, and similar activities. The event is tailored for seasoned Agile practitioners. At least three years of experience working in an Agile setup is recommended.

We and other more than 100 experienced Agile practitioners will wait for you on the 16th of September at Europa Royale Kaunas!


Find out more information: https://www.agileday.lt/