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8 Agile Habits To Get Rid Of Today

We are all creatures of habit. Taking the same road to work, drinking our morning coffee and mostly having a time proven routine for anything and everything we do. However …

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2017-06-22 Eylean Blog
5 Agile Boards Used By Non-Developers

If you follow this blog, Agile application in industries other than software development is nothing new. However, while I often discuss on how to apply the methods in various situations, …

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2017-06-14 Eylean Blog
Has Your Team Become Agile Zombies?

By now, Agile is synonymous with change and improvement. Teams are practicing it to be better, create according to customer needs and to deliver faster. However, is taking on the …

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2017-05-31 Eylean Blog
Scrumban User Cheat Sheet
The last of my cheat sheets (so far) comes in the form of Scrumban. A mixed Agile approach that aims to merge the two most popular practices Scrum and Kanban. …
2017-05-24 Eylean Blog
Kanban User Cheat Sheet
Ever felt lost about the Kanban terms or wanted to have a quick check whether you are doing it right? Below is another handy Agile framework cheat sheet combined just …
2017-05-10 Eylean Blog
Scrum User Cheat Sheet
Just started applying Scrum and still find it difficult to understand all of the different terms and rules? The two different backlogs, roles, meetings and everything else is quite confusing at …
2017-05-04 Eylean Blog
Top 10 Questions About Scrum and Their Answers
Undoubtedly, there is no lack of information about Scrum and how it should be used. Articles, to do lists, mistakes, user cases and anything else you might think of can …
2017-04-19 Eylean Blog
All You Need To Know About: Kanban
In the spirit of continuing with the article roundup, this week I present to you everything related to Kanban. If you are still wondering how push and pull differs or …
2017-04-12 Eylean Blog
All You Need To Know About: Scrum
This week I continue with our article roundup – an effort to provide you with all our knowledge in one convenient place. After the two previous posts on project management …
2017-04-06 Eylean Blog
Product delivery questionnaire
When I join product team or company here is the list of questions i have in my mind. What do you think about that? Do you think some questions are not relevant? Is there anything you would add? I. Provisioning Do you use public cloud service providers? Are you considering building private cloud? Are you using containers? […]
2017-04-04 Andrej Ruckij